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"I wish we would have listed our home with you first.  We had an offer after only 9 days thanks to your incredible advertising exposure, and less than two weeks later our home sold for 99.3% of asking price.  Thank you!"

~Tom & Sandra Woods

"Having dealt with other real estate agents in the past, I am clearly convinced that your knowledge and ability to service your clients far surpassed the others.  I was amazed when my home sold for the price I wanted, and in less than 3 days!"

~Richard Kern

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Save $10,497 and Still Get MLS Exposure For Your For Sale By Owner Listing...

Selling your home can be an exhausting, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating job.

That's why our Complete MLS Marketing Package is your best solution to sell your home quickly and easily!

Today's competitive market demands increased exposure and effective selling methods. Therefore, has developed an innovative Listing strategy which increases performance, accelerates the selling process and maximizes our customers' satisfaction.

Our MLS Marketing Package was designed to provide you the professional assistance you need when selling your home by owner, but will allow you to retain greater equity by eliminating the high cost of the traditional real estate listing commission.

Every marketing tool was selected with care, based on 18 years of experience in the field. Although basic signage is not included in this package, if you are interested in purchasing a For Sale or Open House Sign, a lockbox, or flyer display boxes, you can click here to add these items to your shopping cart.

Here's What's Included With Our MLS Marketing Package:

Extensive Internet Presence

  1. MLS Listing for up to 6 months (gain exposure to local Realtors with buyers)
  2. 1 Ghost Listing (list your property in a second MLS location for increased exposure)
  3. Listing on for up to 6 months (gain exposure to buyers nationwide)
  4. Web Site Listing on’s National website (gain National Exposure)
  5. Video Home Tour Blast (with results on the first page of Google)

Supportive Marketing Tools

  1. Showing Feedback Service for up to 6 months (your solution to home showing inefficiencies
  2. Colorado Real Estate Contracts and Disclosures (assures you are following regulatory laws)

Number 1

Flat Fee MLS Listing for up to
6 months

Why you need a Realtor to list your home in MLS   Realtor MLS Logo

Only a licensed real estate broker who belongs to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service ) and pays the MLS dues and fees is able to list a property on the MLS. An individual can't simply post an "ad" in the MLS, like placing an ad in a newspaper.

The real estate broker is also responsible for the accuracy of the listing, and keeping it current. For example, the broker can lose his MLS membership or pay heavy fines if a property is "under contract" or "sold", but still listed as "Active" in the MLS.

Benefits to being listed in the MLS 
Over 90% of all properties sold in the US are as a result of MLS listing exposure.
Being listed in MLS means all the local Realtors can find your home in their MLS database.
Buyers can find your home on thousands of public MLS websites, where they are most likely to be searching for a home.
MLS listed properties (for sale by owner or not) sell faster and for more money than non-MLS listed "for sale by owner" properties.
Why Our Flat Fee MLS Listing is a Smart Choice for FSBOs  For Sale By Owner (FSBO) logo

You get the same MLS listing in the same local MLS for a one-time low Flat Fee instead of a 7% commission, therefore saving you 4.2% on the listing commission (that’s $10,497 on a $250,000 home)!

If you sell your home without a buyer's agent involved, there is zero commission.

NO HIDDEN FEES - We let you know what's included before you sign up so there are no surprises.

Flat Fee MLS Listing Includes:
  • Listing on Your Local MLS - the same MLS used by all Realtors
  • Active for up to 6 Months
  • Up to 10 Photos
  • Sell By Owner and pay NO additional fees
  • Exposure to thousands of serious home buyers, both local and Worldwide, working with local real estate professionals
  • Your contact information is on the MLS, Home Buyer’s agents will call you directly for questions and offers to purchase
  • Your listing will be included on additional high traffic real estate web sites such as MSN, America Online, Netscape,, Juno, Net Zero, Excite, iWon, The Wall Street Journal, Compuserve, and many more!
  • No Obligation - No Commitment - Cancel Anytime

How Flat Fee MLS Works

1. Pay for the Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Package.

2. Complete and sign a "Limited Services" listing agreement - one Flat Fee covers everything!

3. Should you accept an offer submitted by a Realtor, you agree to pay a minimum of 2.8% of the sales price to a Buyer’s Agent who secured the transaction.

4. Read through the instructions we provide and gather the information that you will need.

5. Fill out our form with your listing information and provide us with photos of the property.

It's that simple!

Number 2

"Ghost List" your MLS Listing

Denver MLS area map

The Denver MLS is broken down into sections, based on the location of your property. You can gain more exposure by placing your listing in more than one area, i.e., a neighboring section. This technique is called “ghost listing” your property and is a great technique to use to increase the traffic to your property.

This technique can also be used to increase your listing exposure on condos and townhomes by entering them into both the condominium and residential databases.

Number 2 Listing Enhancement

How can you get your listing seen first before the other properties competing in yourmarket?

Promote Your Property to the Largest Audience of Home Buyers Online:!**

With 77% of home buyers turning to the Internet to search for a home, you want your listings to stand out. More buyers search for homes than ANY other web site.   In addition, 84% of home buyers searching the Internet say that photos and detailed property descriptions are the most important features when searching for homes online.  Therefore, you want to make sure a Listing is an integral part of your marketing plan.

**You must first be listed on the Colorado MLS in order to be listed on and to get this enhancement.  Once your listing is on the MLS, it is automatically put on and their partner sites.

Your listing will include a description of your property and 4 color photos for up to 6 months.

Number 4

Free Web Site Listing on's National Site Provides Increased Exposure

Marketing has typically been the biggest obstacle to people selling their own properties, but the Internet now solves that.  Whatever you do, don't put your home in the hands of an amateur's site.  Make sure you maximize your exposure by going with a proven system. 

With our Real Estate Online Sale Service, you will receive a professional web page listing, presenting your home in an eye-catching layout and emphasizing it's best features.  With this web site listing, you will be providing us with the photos and the written description of your home.  

Your web site listing will be accessible on our web site until your property is SOLD (or upon request).  Just let us know when you have sold your home and we will remove the information from the web site.  

EIS Web Site Listing Includes:
  • Listed on's National Web Site for National Exposure 
  • Up to 10 Photos 
  • Property Features
  • A narrative description with up to 2500 characters 
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • View Map of Area
  • Printable Flyer Link
  • Set up Private Showing by eMail
  • Active until SOLD or cancelled by owner

To see an example of what your home listing will look like on our site, please click on this link.

Number 5

   Video Home Tour Blast Video Home Tour Blast Logo

Virtual Tours and Video Are NOT Created Equal

Virtual tours are a thing of the past! Not only are they difficult to maneuver when viewing but they are also not being picked up as quickly by search engines as video because of the file format they are saved in.

But even if you are convinced that video far outweighs the results of virtual tours and is the trend to exploit, I must warn you that most video companies are not aware of how to get top 10 Google rankings to drive in hoards of traffic, nor are they offering this service!

And the bigger problem is that...

Most Home Sellers Have No Clue How to Exploit These Trends!

But now with our "Video Home Tour Blast" service, you can start exploiting them as early as today. No joke!

Clearly, video is the wave of the future. And the best thing is… ANYONE can ride it. You don't even need to own a video camera, or be the least bit technical.

If you can make a phone call and upload still photos from either your digital camera or your phone, that's all you need. We'll do the rest.

A service that will BLAST your search engine rankings into the stratosphere!

With our new service...

  • You don't have to be on camera
  • You don't even need to use a video camera
  • You don't have to know how to use video editing software
  • You don't need to have your own web site
  • And you definitely don't need to spend your precious time creating the wide distribution you need to snatch high organic search engine rankings.

All you need to do is send us your photos and we'll create your video for you and we'll take care of the traffic building for you. All you would need to do is fill out simple online forms and copy photos from a digital camera, in order to take advantage of our service.

Our Basic Video Production Includes:

  • A Video Home Tour Production (up to 2 minutes in length) with pans, tilts and zooms (demands greater viewer attention)
  • Text Slides (directs buyers to your web address or phone)
  • Soft, professional background music with NO narration (emotional connection)

You can just sit back and watch your search engine rankings and targeted buyer traffic increase dramatically, as quickly as in the first 24 hours!

Exposure is the first key to selling your property quickly and nobody can get you more exposure than Video Home Tour Blast!

Number 6
Showing and Feedback Solution
for Your MLS Listing

Imagine missing out on receiving a contract from the next buyers of your home because you were at a noisy restaurant and didn't hear your phone ringing.  Perhaps a Realtor was calling to get access to your property but was frustrated when they didn't reach a live person on the other end of the phone so moved on to another property. 

This is a common scenario in the Real Estate Market!

Things happen quickly and if you miss just one phone call to set a showing, you risk losing out on selling your property.  But with our Showing Service, the result is simple: you will never lose a showing or a sale due to not answering your phone.  And if the showing does not result in a sale, our Showing Service will still effectively collect the buyer's feedback, keeping you informed and saving you time.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • All-in-one scheduling and feedback solution
  • Unlimited showings by phone and online feedback forms 
  • No missed calls and no aggravated clients
  • Professional and courteous customer representatives dedicated to each caller
  • No busy signals
  • Makes listings easier to show resulting in more showings and a faster sale
  • Offers instant confirmations of showings online 24/7, even on showings with special instructions
  • Schedules showings securely and reliably by phone and online and automatically collects "virtual feedback"
  • Buyer's will be more likely to give honest feedback so you will be better informed of activity on your property
  • Provides mapping tools with a printable map for your property
  • Works for occupied and vacant properties, as well as for agent-accompanied and owner-at-home showings
  • Saves on your cellular phone costs
  • Frees up your time! 

Number 7

Colorado Home Seller Contracts Colorado Real Estate Contracts

Every state has its own laws about what contracts, forms, and disclosures are legally required to be included in a residential real estate transaction.  The contracts are frequently changing as well as the state regulatory laws which means it is important to have the correct and most current contracts, forms, and disclosures.  Aside from that, our society has become "sue happy", so it is important to make sure things are done properly on your end.  Our “Colorado Contracts Package and Disclosure Forms" can put you at ease, knowing you are using all of the proper paperwork when selling your home.

Money Back Guarantee Terms:   

If you choose to upgrade to a Full Service Listing with us before the end of your 6 month listing term, we'll refund your money once your property sells through your broker. SIMPLE, ISN'T IT?

Number 2

If you respond right away, you pay only $589.00 $497.00!

Act immediately and receive the following 5 bonuses!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!  If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Free Image #3 #1:

How to Pass Your Home Inspection 

To help home sellers deal with this issue before their home is listed, this special report entitled "11 Things You Need to Know to Pass Your Home Inspection" has been compiled which explains the issues involved.  Discover the top 11 things you need to know about to pass your home inspection.

Free Image #3 #2:

Important Tips for Holding a Successful Garage Sale  

We'll take you from beginning to end to help you clear out the clutter in order to show your home in its best light.  A list of "stuff that sells" is included.

Free Image #3 #3:

Home Improvements--Cost vs. Value 

Before making any major decisions that will cost you money, uncover impressive remodeling projects that recoup the most value and five big mistakes to avoid.

Free Image #3 #4:

Create a Smooth Move for Your Family

Proven techniques to make your move easier (even for children), and 10 moving tips that can really help you.

Free Image #3 #5:

How to Eliminate Buyer/Seller Stress

Buying or selling your home can be one of the most stressful things in your life.  Learn tips to reduce this stress for yourself and your family.


Here's how to order right now!

To order Your FSBO Listing Package just click the appropriate "Add to Cart" button below for the type of property you are selling, so you'll be able to start reading it and implementing the incredible strategies within the next 5 minutes!

Once you have ordered and paid for this service, we will email you a copy of the MLS form and Web Sites Listing form to fill out.  We will provide you instructions and will have your listing up and running on the MLS within 48 hours of receipt from you.  It then takes an additional 1-2 business days to appear on and partner sites.  Your MLS listing will be available for up to six months.  Just let us know when you have sold your home and we will remove the information from all partnered web sites.

Price:  $497.00 for each type of MLS Listing

Denver MLS Marketing Package - Residential
Denver MLS Marketing Package - Condo/Townhouse/Patio Home
Denver MLS Marketing Package - Vacant Land

Denver MLS Marketing Package - Income Property

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